Collaborate. Connect. Experience.

MAVRIX Formula


Our formula is at the core of everything we create. It’s our tried and tested strategy for creating immersive virtual experiences and getting real results for our partners. (Like you.)


We are one of Ireland’s leading independent, virtual and hybrid experience agencies. From MAVRIX HQ in Dublin city centre, we are turning the world of live, virtual experiences on its head – and enjoying every moment of it! Let’s create something special.

Our Skills

Creativity drives everything we do

Our Skills

Creativity drives everything we do

We know originality gets results.
We combine ideas, imagination and insights.
Bringing it all to life through design and technology.

How We Work.

We believe in a maverick way of thinking; a way of doing things differently and more effectively.
We believe in purposeful creative collaboration.

MAVRIX is an incredibly innovative company, who have moved a number of our events into the virtual space. As long term partners of Circle K we are continuously surprised at what they deliver and every output is better than the last!
Niall Anderton
Senior Vice President at Circle K


All our projects achieve and deliver extraordinary outcomes and results for our partners.

MAVRIX guarantee meaningful, motivating expierences that impact the way people think, act, and feel in our world today.