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Circle K Eurovision

Circle K Eurovision


MAVRIX was asked to produce the inaugural meeting of 10 CK Business Units across Europe from our studio in Dublin. We developed the theme of the event around the Eurovision Song Contest celebrating all the quirks of the different countries.

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After registering via our RSVP software, over 85 Marketing team members from 10 countries met for the first time over Zoom. Each team received their very own Eurovision-themed backdrop to use throughout the show for presenting and taking part in some Eurovision fun.


Once everyone presented we moved on to the Eurovision style fun, introducing a funky new stage, 2 hosts, and top talent acts from each BU. The audience loved the change in tempo and interactive feel of this section.

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“MAVRIX is an incredibly innovative company, who have moved a number of our events into the virtual space. As long term partners of Circle K we are continuously surprised at what they deliver and every output is better than the last!”
Niall Anderton
Senior Vice President at Circle K
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