Circle K Virtual Brand Launch - MAVRIX

Circle K Virtual Brand Launch

Circle K Virtual Brand Launch


We collaborated with Circle K virtually to showcase their new Circle K branding to all of their employees around the world. We were tasked to bring the new Circle K brand to life in an innovative, memorable way.

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We broadcasted live from our LED Studio a one-day, four hour show. Our creative team brought Circle K’s brand’s key messaging to life with scripts, graphics, videos, AR, live sessions and Q&As.


MAVRIX connected over 3,000 Circle K colleagues around the world in a four hour interactive live experience. Viewers logged onto a live show after receiving a personalised kit with pieces that were used at key parts of the show. All of this was enjoyed while Circle K was at the centre of it all.

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“The guys in MAVRIX are amazing. Extremely professional and experts in all they do. I would personally recommend MAVRIX”
Margaret Barron
VP Global Marketing & Brand Circle K
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