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Lloyds Christmas Gathering

Lloyds Christmas Gathering


We collaborated with Lloyds Pharmacy Ireland to create an interactive one hour Christmas show for their employees. A show aimed to reward employees for all their hard work.

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We connected via Zoom to all their employees across Ireland and created virtual Christmas set designs that went live from our green screen studio. Two-way communication tools for viewers allowed for live engagement throughout the show. All employees received a fun, experience package to enjoy during and post show.


This Saturday night broadcast went live to 7,800 employees. Our show concept was ‘Lloyds Christmas Gathering’. The ninety-minute show had prizes, music, cocktail classes, brain hacking, and much more. The perfect (light) medicine for the year that was in it, bringing everyone together while sharing a few smiles and laughs along the way.



“We just want to say a huge thank you to all at MAVRIX. Our live broadcast ‘ELEVATE’ was a complete success!
Internally and externally the feedback has been phenomenal. Our clients who spoke on the show completely loved the whole experience.
All the crew are brilliant and really easy to work with – we will be back for the next one!”
Nora Duggan
Chief Marketing Officer at Taxback International
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